Our windows are individually handcrafted because we believe in custom-built windows that suit your needs. We offer a lifetime warranty on our frames and our sealed units carry a 10 year warranty.

We manufacture and supply a variety of products:

Inside Storm Window
An Inside Storm Window – is designed to increase energy efficiency, minimize noise (sound abatement), and increase room comfort by adding the ideal glazing with minimal installation. Usually, you can double the R-Value for about 1/2 the cost.

Rebate Frame
A Rebate Frame – our thermally-broken rebate frames are an excellent way of installing a window where minimal inpact to the existing building envelope is neededplaces where siding, trim, brick, or stucco, may be an issue if disturbed.

Nail-on Frame
A Nail-on Frame – perfect for that new construction or renovation that is down to framing.

Railings, Screens, Skylights, and Patio Enclosures
Railings, Screens, Skylights, and Patio Enclosures
– Our ‘total-vision’ railings create a truly unobstructed view. We custom make our screens for many windows and doors and we can supply a variety of skylights and patio enclosures that meet your specific needs.

Commercial Storefront, Curtainwall, Sliders, and Awnings
Commercial Storefront, Curtainwall, Sliders, and Awnings
– For the commercial or architectural look or where a more substantial frame is required. We try to be a creative as possible while keeping the design and engineering simple and cost effective.

Our Windows:

  • Meet and exceed CAN/CSA A440 window test standards.
  • Carry a Lifetime Warranty on frames and 10 year on sealed units.
  • Can be either double or triple glazed, with different glazing options enhancing energy efficiency.
  • Are double sealed for maximum protection against water leakage.
  • Use Super spacer – Less-conductive spacer provides optimized energy savings, enhances environmental comfort and health near windows and fights condensation and mold like no other spacer.
  • Extruded aluminum sillnot plastic snap-in track.
  • All sliding vents have double screws on every corner and bottoms have proper drain holes.
  • Slim line for more natural daylight into the indoor environment.


Let us make your home more comfortable and energy efficient

Our economical Inside Storm Windows will reduce street noise and decrease heating and cooling costs.

Our products are environmentally friendly and are free from toxins such as those found in vinyl.

Contact us if you are interested in increasing the value and comfort of your home.